Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kyle McIlmurray from And Hell Followed With gives us tour update

Kyle McIlmurray gave us this update from the road:

"Right now we're on tour going through Clev Ohio, Dr Acula, American Me, Atilla, and Chelsea Grin.
The tour's been awesome, we played Detroit last night and had 200 kids going crazy at the venue.  We've been doing really well, tonight we play Cleveland and tomorrow it's Pennsylvania.

From there we go to finish up writing the album which is almost complete then in November, right after some Canadian dates we're doing the Malus clothing tour 
with Sea of Treachery, Suffokate, Blindwitness and Destruction of a Rose which is a west coast tour heading to California etc.
We're just kids who grew up on death metal like Nile, Deicide and all those bands
that have that really awesome death metal sound, then mix it with a more
metalcore and hardcore sound like As I Lay Dying.
Its like a mixture of what hardcore and metal are all about- Heaviness and aggressiveness.

Its hard to explain, I grew up listening to hardcore and bands like Converge
I would never compare my band to them, we dont sound anything like them
but they're an inspiration.

Its just deathcore, plain and simple, a combination of deathmetal and hardcore
Over here its maybe different to the UK sound, we're more about the hardcore style.
Bands like Bury Your Dead and The Black Dahlia Murder do it extremely well, some bands totally fail at it.

So we're on our way to our next show right now. We have a 15-passenger van and a trailer, and a huge futon so we can sleep! It's pretty comfortable compared to other bands set up. We're pretty comfortable in here, but we're very grateful for everything we have. We're very grateful about how we're treated by our fans and the kids at shows that give us a place to sleep and the people that come down to see us. Its awesome."

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