Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bonded by blood update. Alex Lee. Guitarist. Bonded By Blood.

The long haired lothario of Bonded By Blood, better known as their filth-meister guitar shredder,  Alex Lee lets us know what time it is in L.A Thrash land -

"So I'm here up late hahaha working on the new band material. I've been recording a lot of short riffs here and there to bring to the band table so we could finish up the rest of the album. I get a lot of writers block so I practice guitar stuff until something comes up. If all else fails I just take a break and talk to my girlfriend - sometimes she ends up being my inspiration, and then I've been able to come up with ideas for guitar riffs. I work out a lot now too since I'm on my own new diet, and results are looking sweet hahaha" .

Diets to help clear the mental obstacles of creating sick new thrash riffs?  Oh how very L.A!

So Alex, your body is a temple, being in L.A, which is a given I guess. Also a given, you got better weather than us so what's the weather like over there? Are you in Pomona?

"Well I've always lived in Chino which is 5 min away from Pomona it's pretty hot but at night it's not so much". Right. Good to know.

When are you hoping to record the new album? And what's the band like post Ruben?

"We're trying to get into the studio late October / November and well, the bands doing great still. The new bassist is a great guy he has a lot of great ideas for songs and Juan likes his ideas a lot."

Any more covers of 80's cartoon themes?

"Well, were still trying to figure out what were going to work on!"

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  1. I would record "CAptain Planet" theme, hahahahahaha