Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gama Bomb. Free Album! 09-09-09

Oh no they didn't! Gama Bomb have only gone and GIVEN their new highly anticipated album away. What's that about?Questions need to be answered....

First up Philly, what you been saying about me mam?

Philly " hahahaa yeah sorry about that, how are you?"

I am wondering what in gods name is going on, a free album?

Philly: " Why not eh? We think it's a grand idea, it's the way of the future. It will work in our favour for sure. Everyone's pretty hyped about the whole thing and we're really glad it's released."

What's hot?

Philly" We are talking about getting in the studio and doing some more recording, mainly about what we will be drinking while we record. We're leaning towards Mojito's right now. "

Ooh nice, so the new stuff is all gonna sound all exotic and frisky eh?

"Exactly, exotic, fruity Gama Bomb!"

Sweet, laterrrrr

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