Friday, September 4, 2009

Cauldron update Friday September 4th 09

Cauldron are currently out on the road in the States touring,frontman Jason gives us an idea of how they are rolling!

"Portland ruled, and especially for a sunday. We started off with a trip to the hospital ER because Jonas became very sick. We waited around for a couple hours while they ran some tests on him and prescribed him some medication, he's feeling better now. We rocked a bunch of beer and meal tickets at the bar, and no one bothered to ID Chris or Jonas which was cool. We did some interviews before the show and met some really nice people which took us out after the show to another bar where me and Joseph drank piss and ran into Joey Demaio. I guess I mistakened my beer for a glass of pee someone left sitting around. I just though it was warm watered down beer and gave it to Joseph, but he spit it out and confirmed that it was actual piss. We then proceded to crank some Slayer and Destruction in the van on the way back to some chicks place who was putting us up. I tried to wrestle her dog, but my balance was pretty off and the dog kept pinning me. I passed out and apparently the dog made out with me, everyone has pictures. My mouth is rite gross."

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