Thursday, November 26, 2009

White Wizzard get ready to hit the U.K! 26-11-09.

Ahead of they're first trip to the U.K, Bassist John Leon catches us up on the exciting events ahead.

"I been getting ready for next year, I'm putting all my stuff in storage and sub-letting my apartment 'cause I intend on spending as much time as we can on the road! We are looking forward to maybe playing some festivals next year. I think we are all hoping to play Germany too. I've heard such good things about the metal heads there, I can't wait to get over there. And there's the Beer of course, I wanna be drinking plenty of Beer in Germany!

We got a new drummer, he's from Italy originally and is a fucking demon! He lives for metal, is a hundred percent in to the band, and living the dream and can't wait to get out there so we are all totally on it. I guess we are just a bunch of green little boys from America ready to get fucked up European style!

First stop of course is the Earache Xmas bash coming up soon, can't wait to play it and also to meet the legend that is Neal Kay! I think I speak for all of the guys on that one."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Hell Followed With, West coast tour update. 17-11-09

And Hell followed With, are a new signing for Earache and we felt the need to give them a call at an anti social hour, just to keep them on their toes and let them know how we roll!

A sleepy Nick, lead vocalist had this to say : We are all just waking up man, on the last leg of tour on the West coast in California enjoying the weather. The shows have been doing really well, kids are loving the new stuff and we are getting loads of footage filmed for our new DVD. Basically we are just really enjoying touring!

The ensuing silence and 'cough cough' is my cue to leave the poor guy to get back to sleep I reckon eh!