Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cauldron. A snipet from life on the road. Genius. 14-09-09

Monday's eh...who'd have 'em. Me if they were just like Cauldron's!

"I woke up to the vision of Jonas completely naked, throwing up over the balcony of our hotel. I think he threw up in his sleeping bag too because something never smelled quite right whenever he was carrying it around for the rest of the tour.

It was a pretty nice overcast day and we all hit muscle beach for an hour instead of showering.

We drove to Winter Park outside of Orlando today. Another interesting bar in some kind of shopping complex. Our three rabid fans led by Andrew came out to the show, it was nice to finally meet them. The bar was owned by some military guy who was on leave from Iraq. He gave us all shots and Iraqi smokes. A pretty cool guy!"

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