Thursday, November 26, 2009

White Wizzard get ready to hit the U.K! 26-11-09.

Ahead of they're first trip to the U.K, Bassist John Leon catches us up on the exciting events ahead.

"I been getting ready for next year, I'm putting all my stuff in storage and sub-letting my apartment 'cause I intend on spending as much time as we can on the road! We are looking forward to maybe playing some festivals next year. I think we are all hoping to play Germany too. I've heard such good things about the metal heads there, I can't wait to get over there. And there's the Beer of course, I wanna be drinking plenty of Beer in Germany!

We got a new drummer, he's from Italy originally and is a fucking demon! He lives for metal, is a hundred percent in to the band, and living the dream and can't wait to get out there so we are all totally on it. I guess we are just a bunch of green little boys from America ready to get fucked up European style!

First stop of course is the Earache Xmas bash coming up soon, can't wait to play it and also to meet the legend that is Neal Kay! I think I speak for all of the guys on that one."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Hell Followed With, West coast tour update. 17-11-09

And Hell followed With, are a new signing for Earache and we felt the need to give them a call at an anti social hour, just to keep them on their toes and let them know how we roll!

A sleepy Nick, lead vocalist had this to say : We are all just waking up man, on the last leg of tour on the West coast in California enjoying the weather. The shows have been doing really well, kids are loving the new stuff and we are getting loads of footage filmed for our new DVD. Basically we are just really enjoying touring!

The ensuing silence and 'cough cough' is my cue to leave the poor guy to get back to sleep I reckon eh!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update! White Wizzard in the studio.29-10-09

John Leon, bass guitarist tells us that him and the boys from White Wizzard have been holed up in the studio of late grafting over the new material.

John "we been in the studio all this week recording bonus tracks. We got a cover of the Judas Priest track 'Heading out to the highway'. Wyatt's vocals sound fucking amazing . Also we got a cover of this obscure British underground band called Clovenhoof. The song is called 'The gates of gehenna'. It's a fucking badass song and we are nailing it!"

Pray tell John, who's the first to chuck out of you White Wizzard lot?

"No one has yet actually...we're all pretty hardcore. Hey that can be a project for when we come over to the U.K!"

Oh It's fucking on my friend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A catch up with SSS. 28-10-09.

Dave, the drummer from SSS on what's ahead for them this Winter: "Our U.S tour which we were playing support on fell through, which is a shame. The band we were supporting split up. On the upside, because of that we have had more time to spend on writing and have about 30 songs put together, been working really hard on the third album, look forward to playing the new stuff live."

Who's the first to chuck eh?

Dave: "Erm .... Marco, he's got weak guts! Ha!"

The Boy Will Drown update! 28-10-09.

Guitarist, Liam takes 5 out to have a natter and let us know what the score is in The Boy Will Drown's camp.

"We got some dates over in Europe coming up real soon, we're dead excited. Just can't wait to get out there! It's a short mini tour, only a few countries, a handful of dates. Germany is going to be great, very excited about that! Seriously, cannot wait."

Right, 'fess up time, who is the first to chunder out of you lot?

"Ahaha Ed. Ed, definately Ed. He's the only one, we're all a bunch of old men, don't really party hard after the shows, 'cept Ed, he's the one who gets wasted and chucks up!"

Ignominious Incarceration talk about what's in store this winter. 28-10-09.

Ignominious Incarceration gives us an update on what the have in store for us in the coming months.

Andy ( Vocals) "We have very nearly completed booking up our tour for December, which we are all really excited about. Can't wait till we can get out there and play some of the new stuff we have written!"

And when on tour, or playing gigs, who is the first to chuck? 'Cause there's always one!

"Chris! He loves puking...he drinks milk just so he can vom' it back up again! There's video's of him doing it on the net somewhere!"

Nice. Bring on December!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liam, guitarist from The Boy Will Drown has time for only 3 questions!

Liam, guitarist of The Boy Will Drown, what did you have for your tea tonight pet?

" Vegan burritos and nachos. "

Other than falling leaves and sunny cold days, what is the month of September about for you eh?

"I am back at Uni for my last and most important year".

Ouch. Good luck with that, rather you than me. Where does the band fit in with all that malarky then?

"Looks like we have a few tours getting booked up so we should be back out on the road this year and so we are just rehearsing for now."

Well, sounds like it's all go, shall bid you farewell young Padawan.

Cauldron. A snipet from life on the road. Genius. 14-09-09

Monday's eh...who'd have 'em. Me if they were just like Cauldron's!

"I woke up to the vision of Jonas completely naked, throwing up over the balcony of our hotel. I think he threw up in his sleeping bag too because something never smelled quite right whenever he was carrying it around for the rest of the tour.

It was a pretty nice overcast day and we all hit muscle beach for an hour instead of showering.

We drove to Winter Park outside of Orlando today. Another interesting bar in some kind of shopping complex. Our three rabid fans led by Andrew came out to the show, it was nice to finally meet them. The bar was owned by some military guy who was on leave from Iraq. He gave us all shots and Iraqi smokes. A pretty cool guy!"

Read more from Cauldron at

Bonded by blood update. Alex Lee. Guitarist. Bonded By Blood.

The long haired lothario of Bonded By Blood, better known as their filth-meister guitar shredder,  Alex Lee lets us know what time it is in L.A Thrash land -

"So I'm here up late hahaha working on the new band material. I've been recording a lot of short riffs here and there to bring to the band table so we could finish up the rest of the album. I get a lot of writers block so I practice guitar stuff until something comes up. If all else fails I just take a break and talk to my girlfriend - sometimes she ends up being my inspiration, and then I've been able to come up with ideas for guitar riffs. I work out a lot now too since I'm on my own new diet, and results are looking sweet hahaha" .

Diets to help clear the mental obstacles of creating sick new thrash riffs?  Oh how very L.A!

So Alex, your body is a temple, being in L.A, which is a given I guess. Also a given, you got better weather than us so what's the weather like over there? Are you in Pomona?

"Well I've always lived in Chino which is 5 min away from Pomona it's pretty hot but at night it's not so much". Right. Good to know.

When are you hoping to record the new album? And what's the band like post Ruben?

"We're trying to get into the studio late October / November and well, the bands doing great still. The new bassist is a great guy he has a lot of great ideas for songs and Juan likes his ideas a lot."

Any more covers of 80's cartoon themes?

"Well, were still trying to figure out what were going to work on!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kyle McIlmurray from And Hell Followed With gives us tour update

Kyle McIlmurray gave us this update from the road:

"Right now we're on tour going through Clev Ohio, Dr Acula, American Me, Atilla, and Chelsea Grin.
The tour's been awesome, we played Detroit last night and had 200 kids going crazy at the venue.  We've been doing really well, tonight we play Cleveland and tomorrow it's Pennsylvania.

From there we go to finish up writing the album which is almost complete then in November, right after some Canadian dates we're doing the Malus clothing tour 
with Sea of Treachery, Suffokate, Blindwitness and Destruction of a Rose which is a west coast tour heading to California etc.
We're just kids who grew up on death metal like Nile, Deicide and all those bands
that have that really awesome death metal sound, then mix it with a more
metalcore and hardcore sound like As I Lay Dying.
Its like a mixture of what hardcore and metal are all about- Heaviness and aggressiveness.

Its hard to explain, I grew up listening to hardcore and bands like Converge
I would never compare my band to them, we dont sound anything like them
but they're an inspiration.

Its just deathcore, plain and simple, a combination of deathmetal and hardcore
Over here its maybe different to the UK sound, we're more about the hardcore style.
Bands like Bury Your Dead and The Black Dahlia Murder do it extremely well, some bands totally fail at it.

So we're on our way to our next show right now. We have a 15-passenger van and a trailer, and a huge futon so we can sleep! It's pretty comfortable compared to other bands set up. We're pretty comfortable in here, but we're very grateful for everything we have. We're very grateful about how we're treated by our fans and the kids at shows that give us a place to sleep and the people that come down to see us. Its awesome."

Evile's Special Delivery!

As Evile released their new album "Infected Nations", they decided to save the postman the effort by delivering a copy of the album by hand to Evile fan Tony Dobson in Stockton-On-Tees, who was first in line to pre-order the new album at

This resulted in Tony being nice enough to let the guys in a share a few beers!

But Evile aren't quite partied out.  Guitarist Ol Drake assures us he's been watching rehearsing and watching South Park in preparation for their album launch show on Friday 25th September at O2 Bar Academy in Islington.  Tickets are £8 and can be bought here:
Evile Launch Show Tickets

Kevin Quirion from Order Of Ennead gives us 'road update'

Kevin Quirion from Order of Ennead gave us this update 'from the road':

"I'm driving to practise at the moment, in my pontiac sunfire, its white -
it's Florida so its sunny 80 degrees over here, and i'm heading to Steve's
rehersal space about 40 miles north of where I live.
I went to Mexico last week with Deicide, and when i'm home i'm either
writing songs with Order of Ennead or writing solos for Deicide
I'm now full time with Deicide and full time with Order Of Ennead so that will keep me busy!!

Well we're just practising to record the album right now; the
music's written and the lyrics are written so we're waiting to get in the
We're gonna use Audio Hammer again with Mark Lewis and i'm really excited about the new material.

We're all hoping we get over to the UK this time on tour, we've nearly made
it so many times - we've gotta get there soon!"

Gama Bomb's Tales From The Studio 22/09/09

Gama Gomb are currently in Suffolk recording their upcoming free album "Tales From The Grave In Space".  With just 30 days left in the studio, the band has been hard at work. Philly Byrne reports:

Joe has been drinking lots of barley wine and getting angry. There's flies everywhere and the water is shit.  As a result Philly isn't impressed with the tea which may be why Domo has gone back to Ireland for a few days.

And there was something about a haunted painting but then the phone line went dead...

"Tales From The Grave In Space" will be released November 5th 2009 at at the low, low price of free.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze and The Waste

Municipal Waste are playing tonight in Grenoble, France with a huge projection of Patrick Swayze's head on stage from Point Break. Awesome.


At the recent Bloodstock festival in Derby, UK, THE WASTE dominated Friday afternoon's main stage, with an incredible mass crowd-surfing record attempt and a daring 4-metre stage dive from vocalist TONY FORESTA at the end of their set.

Witness some of the carnage from MUNICIPAL WASTE's show at Bloodstock here:

Catch MUNICIPAL WASTE live in Europe at the following remaining shows:
15 Sep 2009 - Grenoble, France - Adaep Club
16 Sep 2009 - Luynes, France - Le Korigan
17 Sep 2009 - Bilbao, Spain - Santana 27
18 Sep 2009 - Madrid, Spain - Ritmo & Compass
19 Sep 2009 - Lisbon, Portugal - Cine-Teatro de Corroios

For more MUNICIPAL WASTE news and info, head to

Friday, September 11, 2009

Update! Ol from Evile on his gig with Destruction. 11-11-09

Ol,guitarist from Evile, keeps us up to date with his Destruction adventure through the power of the Blackberry, or Slackberry as he prefers to call it.
Ol: "First day of rehearsal with Destruction was amazing. Ran through the set playing all the classics. Mike brought his axe over for me to use and ran through afew riffs. Curse the gods was the first track we went through. Brilliant. Until the curse of the antichrist summoned a small fire to break out.At a vietnamese buffet with marc reign before heading to rehearsal.Metal!"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Municipal Waste. Budapest. 09-09-09!

Dave here checking in from the backstage in Budapest, waiting for the moment. Those forty or so minutes where we Municipal Waste get to take the stage and do what we do best, deliver the goods! (the goods being our songs).

Austria was off the hook last night, great crowd full of bangers going for it full force. After a great day in Vienna full of great people, great food and a little history (a trip to St. Michael's Crypt) is was the recipe for good spirits and a great show.

Tomorrow we head to Serbia and Croatia the day after for the first time for each, we are really excited this! We get a lot of mail from people looking forward to these shows, so they should be awesome!

This part of The Massive Aggressive European Tour (part 2 coming in January) has been nothing short of great and fun as our fans have more than showed their support for us, and for that we are grateful!

Gama Bomb. Free Album! 09-09-09

Oh no they didn't! Gama Bomb have only gone and GIVEN their new highly anticipated album away. What's that about?Questions need to be answered....

First up Philly, what you been saying about me mam?

Philly " hahahaa yeah sorry about that, how are you?"

I am wondering what in gods name is going on, a free album?

Philly: " Why not eh? We think it's a grand idea, it's the way of the future. It will work in our favour for sure. Everyone's pretty hyped about the whole thing and we're really glad it's released."

What's hot?

Philly" We are talking about getting in the studio and doing some more recording, mainly about what we will be drinking while we record. We're leaning towards Mojito's right now. "

Ooh nice, so the new stuff is all gonna sound all exotic and frisky eh?

"Exactly, exotic, fruity Gama Bomb!"

Sweet, laterrrrr


SSS frontman Foxy shares with us his birthday cake cooking skillz in visual format...Hmmmmmm....cakeee. Martha Stewart you better check yourself!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Evile - update from Ol - September 4th 09

" The video is looking awesome and we're really proud of it. Also, Schmier from Detruction rang me the other day and he said, he said.."Mikes fingers are broken...could you fill in on guitar and I said, obviously YES. I am a huge fan of Destruction and it is an honor to play with them."

And on more important news Ol follows up with this piece of breaking news " I've been playing Batman on the Xbox and punching baddies in the head! It's great!"

The Boy Will Drown Update September 4th 09

The Boy Will Drown's Liam keeps us up to date...... "We played Camden Curse the other week which was pretty fucking manic cause there were so many bands there. You literally couldn't find anywhere to sit and chill. We ended up just playing and getting the fuck out of there to be honest! Other than that the lot of us have been enjoying summer you know, spending money we don't have and pissing about. Tom's been working on loads of new drawings for the merch too which looks fucking amazing!"

Severe Torture update September 4th 09

Seth from Severe Torture telling it like it is....." For the new album we have all the music written and I have over half of the lyrics done. It's going to be really good, really really good, the most brutal album so far! People who liked the first two albums will not be disappointed with how brutal and fast this is going to be!"

SSS update Friday September 4th 09

Today is Foxy's birthday! We give the SSS frontman a call with birthday wishes to see what the brutal liverpudlian thrashers have been up to.

" I'm off to the zoo today, been going quite a lot actually, got membership! SSS have got some gigs lined up for October, one is like this festival which is all about new music coming out of Liverpool. Really though we have just been enjoying the summer, we've all been on our hol's, been skating a lot, writing new stuff. And the Zoo. Lot's of trips to the Zoo."

Since this, we have had a phonecall from Foxy here at the office informing us that he is baking some cakes and will be sending us photo's of the finished products...good times!

Cauldron update Friday September 4th 09

Cauldron are currently out on the road in the States touring,frontman Jason gives us an idea of how they are rolling!

"Portland ruled, and especially for a sunday. We started off with a trip to the hospital ER because Jonas became very sick. We waited around for a couple hours while they ran some tests on him and prescribed him some medication, he's feeling better now. We rocked a bunch of beer and meal tickets at the bar, and no one bothered to ID Chris or Jonas which was cool. We did some interviews before the show and met some really nice people which took us out after the show to another bar where me and Joseph drank piss and ran into Joey Demaio. I guess I mistakened my beer for a glass of pee someone left sitting around. I just though it was warm watered down beer and gave it to Joseph, but he spit it out and confirmed that it was actual piss. We then proceded to crank some Slayer and Destruction in the van on the way back to some chicks place who was putting us up. I tried to wrestle her dog, but my balance was pretty off and the dog kept pinning me. I passed out and apparently the dog made out with me, everyone has pictures. My mouth is rite gross."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ignominious Incarceration update 1st September 09

Changes to the band line up are not stopping the rest of Ignominious Incarceration from cracking on with their new stuff.

Andy catches us up: " Bobby, who was our new guitarist has just left the band a couple of days ago, so we are all kinda involved in that right now. He joined a hardcore band...whatever. So now the hunt is on for a new guitarist...again. We have been through about five in three years! We are totally confident that we will find the right person for the job this time.

We are still cracking on with our new album which we are hoping to go record in the studio around February time. Also we have updated our myspace, new pics and stuff, looks proper slick."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bonded By Blood. 26 August 2009.

So i just got off the phone with Jose, singer from Bonded By Blood to get the low down on what's afoot in their part of the world.

"Rubin, our bassist had to leave the band, he had some family stuff come up and we all agreed that that had to come first. It's really sad, we are like brothers and miss him loads but he made the right decision. The new guy, Jerry is actually a guy we have known for years. He was in another local band and we used to hang out all the time. Rubin taught him the songs, which he picked up real quick. We all get on with him so it made sense he should join, plus he's a big sex machine!

So now we are writing loads of new songs with plans to hit the studio to record a demo in a couple of weeks for the second album. The stuff is a bit heavier, still fast, I really like it, your ears will have orgasms."

Gama Bomb. 26 August 2009

Frontman Philly Byrne gives us an update on what Gama Bomb have been up to of late......

Mainly we have been tying up all the lose ends of the new album before we go in and record. We did our last rehearsal, and at the last minute wrote two new songs, one about mummies and one about witches.

We are waiting on four new t-shirt designs to be finished up. Two are by Jeff Zornow who did our last album cover, and two are by an artist called Scumbagg! We are also pretty excited cause we are starting to get an idea of how our U.K tour in November is going to pan out, no dates to give out yet but it's looking like a good one!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skateboard giveaway

Here's Ali displaying our special edition MUNICIPAL WASTE Massive Aggressive skateboard before the raffle at the Earache stall at Bloodstock festival.

And the proud winner of the one-of-a-kind skateboard at Bloodstock festival! Well done mate!

More Bloodstock madness with Evile

Here's some photos of Evile at Bloodstock festival. Having played the festival a few times before this time they were there doing press and hanging out, in advance of the release of the new album "Infected Nations" in September.

Mike thinks about making a purchase.

Ol on the dodgems.

Ben on the Ghost train.

Ghost train! For Terrorizer shoot!

Tasting cocktails and grimacing.

Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste) signs someones injury from the crowd surfing record attempt!

Earache massive outside the Earache stall at Bloodstock.

Ben still unimpressed with the cocktails.

Mike definately not impressed with the cocktails.

Municipal Waste - Bloodstock 09

Here's some photos from Municipal Waste's set at Bloodstock festival last weekend.

Yes! Tony announces that Municipal Waste have broken the crowd surfing record!!

New album "Massive Aggressive" out next week!

Municipal Missile

Heres a couple of photos from the recent Municipal Waste shoot with Tony Foresta at Delta Force Paintball in Hemel Hemstead!
Watch out for the feature in Kerrang! soon!

Evile videoshoot - "Infected Nation"

Evile video shoot।Infected Nation। Shepperton Studios। Warehouse 7.
The view of an extra - Lucy tells it how it was!

Smoke. Lot’s of smoke.And a cube. A really big fucking cube. A big cube big enough to fit lots ofsmoke and a thrash metal band. Welcome to the Evile video shoot for theirupcoming single Infected Nation off the new album by the same name. An early meet atWaterloo station finds me running the length of it to make the 9.42 am trainwith Talita, Evile’s press officer, Julie, their manager and Tom roadie to themetal massive. I just make the train as it pulls out and by the time we hitShepperton, the middle of nowhere I have pretty much woken up. I can’t complainthough, Evile have been at the studio since 8.30 am. Ouch.Studio F, where allthe magic making is happening is basically a massive empty warehouse. In themiddle, a 15 ft Perspex box has been erected, and inside that…Evile.

There are 4 huge lamps beaming down from above the cube, with a camera mounted on atrolley, and one on a crane that swings about while Evile pretend to play, soas to catch different angles from all sides of the cube. There are about adozen people working behind these cameras, the director, the assistant,runners, grips and god knows. All studiously nit picking and pouring over everydetail. Muttering amongst themselves whilst squinting into their lenses,pointing and agreeing and moving stuff, taping stuff and then squinting again. When we arrive, Ben’sdrum kit is being assembled inside the cube. He is busy gaffa taping the symbolsto deaden and muffle their sound, and a studio hand is putting dead skins onhis drums. The rest of the band, Ol, Matt and Mike are wandering aroundaimlessly plucking away on their guitars and bass, chatting and generally killingtime till they are called for again. We catch up brieflyand then go sit at the side, out of the way and get ready to watch as the guysall walk into the box before another studio hand tapes up the opening behindthem. Why? For the smoke! A smoke machine pumps in a blast of smoke and withinseconds you cannot see the band at all.

As the smoke clears, silhouettesappear, holding guitars, a bass and sitting behind an almighty drum kit. Thereare shadows of the guys all distorted from the lighting and the whole set uplooks badass mother fucking ninja sex cool! Already I can’t wait to see thefinal cut and the thing hasn’t even been made yet.There are many stopsand starts, as goes with video shoots. The band start, the filming starts andthen…cut. Something gets shuffled and it’s back to square one. Within an hourwe all know the lyrics and riffs and beat. See, this still isn’t any hardshipthough, the song rocks, and as I said, the video is proper dark. At noon we startgetting calls from extra’s who are beginning to turn up to play the role ofghostly ghouls that will eventually end up hurling themselves in to the box atthe end of the video after much zombie walking and banging around the shop.Originally, Evile hadasked their friends to do the extra work and initially had the full quota, butas it got closer and closer to the day people inevitably end up dropping outdue to other commitments and so come the morning of the shoot we were in direneed of a handful more.We ended up with therequired fifteen which included a couple of U.K thrash band Mutant, theguitarist from Juggern0rt, a whole bunch of London based friends from facebook,Tom the roadie and me.Our outfits for theday were massive black cloaks with huge hoods that had been borrowed from aHarry Potter film and black tights over our faces.
Sweet! We soon all get in toit after some initial trepidation and could be found fucking about likemonsters and zombies for about an hour, then we could be found sitting in thehallway outside the studio looking piss bored.The extra’s wereawesome, a few of them had books but for the most part they all just chilledout chatting with each other, about metal mainly and were total soldiers to thecause. No complaining or winging, fucking troopers the lot of them. We had breaked forlunch and hit the canteen, proper school dinner grub for all. So everyone ischatting away, shovelling food down their throats when it suddenly becomesapparent that a couple of the guy’s friends have managed to pick up a randomstray on the way to the studios and have no idea who he is but are quite surethat he is not entirely compus mentus. So, off I go to investigate. Ha. After some awkward silences instigatedon my part, he leaves. Turns out he just tagged along, when I asked him what hewas supposed to be doing that day he replied “drinking”. WTF. Care in thecommunity at it’s finest. Freaks and food over, it’s back to the film setdarlings.More of the samereally eh, that’s video shoots for you, lots of hanging around doing nothing,feeling a tad nervous for yourupcoming ghoul debut but equally trying not to fall into a deep staring in tospace coma. Eventually, it’s the turn of the ghouls. The Evile massive havebeen filmed from every angle and the video is in need of some ghostly figures creepingaround with a menacing manner about them.The director calls intwo, then four and then all of us, she directs us to move slowly like zombiestowards the box of Evile and then mock thump and bang on the Perspex walls butnot too hard or the whole thing will collapse! We do this a couple of times,then get to shove our heads through cling film which is imitating the Perspexwalls of the box. I got to head butt my bit of cling film but it took too longto break through and I’m pretty sure I got relegated to the bench. Ouch. Goddamnstage fright.Suffocating slowly inour tights, reminiscent of all great failed bank robbing head gear, andsweltering under the heavy cloaks, every one is sweating heavily and agreeingwe feel mildly chuffed that the poor Harry Potter cast will be having to donthese at some later date. I, at this point hadto bid my farewells and leave the shelter of Shepperton studios back to thereality and grime of London and you will never guess what I fuckingmissed….they got to ram the Perspex in! They got to charge it, ram it andcollapse it! On to the band! HA! Fuckin A. cannot wait to see this video. It isgoing to be the stuff of legends for fucking sure.