Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gama Bomb Thursday July 30th

Frontman Philly Byrne updates:

"This week, um, is all about the album cover

We've found an amazing artist who has worked on some of the best movies ever made. He worked on Raiders of the Lost Ark, so say no more, and we're talking over our ideas with him.

It's pretty exciting to go crazy and blether about the crazy sci-fi concept behind it with someone who's interested

also, we're gearing up our show for the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech republic. It's going to be Domo's birthday when we get there, so we'll have a good few ales stageside for Testament to celebrate!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Evile. 29-07-09.

Ol Drake (guitar)
"I'm so fucking pissed off that we couldn't make Lorca, the Spanish fans are insane for their metal, we hope to make it up to them in the New Year. We love playing the festivals and can't wait to get out ther with our new stuff.
Me and Matt have been writing a few new riffs and I had a good one that went jugga jugga jugga. So, we have started the third album while we're still promoting the second one and thats not even out yet! That's how we roll. Also, I am up to season 8 on the X Files and i have been shooting the shit out of zombies on 'Left 4 Dead' on the Xbox 360."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

White Wizzard - Thursday 23rd July '09

Jon Leon:
"We're preparing for the studio we're in final rehearsals, honing the songs as best we can so we can hit the songs live as opposed to it being done in pieces - we go into the studio Aug 4th - 11th then going back in September 7th - 17th - that way Wyatt doesn't kill his voice by doing it all in one go.
In the middle of that time it looks like we're going out to NYC with Anvil around August 28th - watch this space
Here in L.A. I've been driving in the sun its like 100degrees here - we enjoyed having Kerrang here last week - we're stoked with the piece this week in the magazine, i've known about Kerrang for a long time but its hard to get on the West coast of the USA, so we're behind over here but they're definately a force to be reckoned with!
Today I'm going to try out bass wireless systems cause i'm tired of being tied down on stage - i want to find one where i can still have my sound but get more wild on stage"

Wyatt "Screamin' demon" Anderson:
"Polishing up some songs for the new album, partying with some friends, waking up with blinding hangovers, you know, the usual stuff! Looking forward to completing the new album and hitting the road!"

Bonded by blood - Thursday 23rd July

Jose "Aladdin" Barrales -
" I'm just getting ready to go to Comic-Con - the best Comic book convention in the world!
The creator of Ninja turtles is gonna be there - Kevin Eastman, I've met him before but he's awesome and my friend is really excited to see the people from Twilight - its not my thing, its a girl thing, i'll stick to my turtles. Comic Con is in San Diego so i'm gonna drive up there for 4 days. 4 days of fun fun fun. I'm a nerd...
Our next show is August 1st in Chino, CA at the Mutant house!!
Everybody is working hard on making new songs, we have a couple done but we're not satisfied yet - there's a lot of work to do for the new album which will be out sometime next year. Its way heavier and more technical and i think its a big improvement - i know every band says that - but this time it's for real!!
Anyway i've gotta go and put on my Silver Surfer suit for Comic Con
I LOVE Silver Surfer and Thor!! They're my Gods in the comic book world!"

Ignominious Incarceration - Thursday July 23rd

Sam Bailey
"We are at a service station eating expensive food and smoking. We're on our way to Nottingham playing Rock city today with Bleed from within and The boy will drown on the Masters of metal tour.

We all stayed at this girl's house 2 days ago - 4 bands - and absolutely trashed it - plus drivers. She was like "my parent's are going away do you want to come round" and it was mental - we filmed it too - we did beer bongs the lot -
The next morning - she kicked out our driver cause he was smashing stuff - she wasn't very happy -
I think it was the first time she'd had bands come to stay - 20 boys in bands

We're at the Underworld soon, that's gonna be cool, Birmingham - we're just gonna get more drunk i think - hopefully i won't smash my head up again

We're in danger all the time...

Oh no! i just broke a seat in the van... i better go"

SSS - Thursday 23rd July 09

"Writing stuff - demoing new songs - i've been to loads of zoos - Chester, Bristol, Paignton, Newquay, Lancaster - Zoo's are the new new.
To be honest everyone's enjoying the summer, I've been going away camping
Pete - i've no idea what Pete's doing
Dave's been with his family
and we've all been tailoring and refining these songs
We're planning cigarette type songs - little hit then on to the next one - fast and short and mega-hard - even less fucking about on this one than the last one
I know people say it then weak as water but there's no arsing around with this!
Next playing... don't know - sorting out America we hope - this week or next week
We're hibernating at the moment as far as gigs concerned
Getting too caught up with life and just excited about the new material"

Municipal Waste - Thurs July 23rd

Dave Witte (from a Splitter van in Europe):
"We're in Italy at the moment on the way to the venue -
On this tour we've seen Slovenia for the first time and its people showed us their kindness and support as well as the country's beauty - we spent our day off there and swam all day at a lake. It was great!
The tour itself has been full of supportive enthusiastic fans and great sets! Germany really came to life for us this time. As of now we've entered Italy for Pinerella and Rome, can't wait for the food!
The highlight of this for me will be playing with Voivod in Spain!
This tour is really great on multiple levels"

Cauldron - Thursday 23rd July

Jason Decay:

"I'm sitting here sorting through my records to see what i can sell as I'm broke! I'm still working but cause I'm taking a lot of time off for touring I'm not doing so many shifts.
I have Lita Ford, Wishbone Ash, Twisted Sister all on their way out with Hanoi Rocks trying to make me a few extra bucks.
Chris Rites has left Cauldron the other week as he's got too many commitments with Crystal Castles right now - he offered to do shows here and there including the Wolf European tour in October but we found a new drummer right away so he'll be with us from now on.
He's 18 he's just finished high school, he's really good.
We wanted him to try out last year but he hadn't finished school then. He had a band called Aggressor, he's from Ottawa, he still lives with his mum so he doesn't have to pay rent, he's free to tour any time. He's a long hair and his name is Chris - so we swapped a Chris for a Chris.
So our next show is August 13th here in Toronto and he'll be playing with us.

We have a US tour that starts in less than a month with Enforcer - all the confirmed dates are on the myspace - we start with 4 Canadian dates Aug 13th - then straight over to the USA. Really looking forward to it - and looking forward to being back in the UK with Wolf in October. Wolf and Cauldron is a fucking lethal cocktail.

Its metal karaoke tonight for my birthday, so i'm gonna go get a beer..."

Happy Birthday Jason!!

Blood red throne - Thursday July 23rd

Daniel Olaisen:
"Not up to much at the moment - I'm on holiday at the moment taking my kids to a park in Norway about 4hrs drive from my home - not too far from where Ihsahn from Emperor lives
"We're doing a gig in Romania next month so we need to start rehearsing for that soon and
we played in Estonia recently with Septic flesh which was cool.
So then after hols its Romania then the European tour in October"

Gama Bomb update - Thursday 23rd July

"This week we've been mostly sorting out the merch for the new album - all the new merch concepts - I've been drawing picture of ninjas and scarecrows all week.
and we're choosing an artist for the album cover - we haven't committed to anybody yet
we came up for the idea for the album cover at Tuska and we're excited about it.
We're polishing up new sets of lyrics - wrote some new lyrics this week that are bit more verbose and literary than normal
I've been listening to a lot of rap - a lot of DJ Format
We're Excited about recording the new album - we're trying to work out how much we can spend on booze everyweek - that's a big preoccupation at the moment and
the nice lady has asked us not to smoke in the house at the studio too, so we've been wondering alot about that too"