Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kevin Quirion from Order Of Ennead gives us 'road update'

Kevin Quirion from Order of Ennead gave us this update 'from the road':

"I'm driving to practise at the moment, in my pontiac sunfire, its white -
it's Florida so its sunny 80 degrees over here, and i'm heading to Steve's
rehersal space about 40 miles north of where I live.
I went to Mexico last week with Deicide, and when i'm home i'm either
writing songs with Order of Ennead or writing solos for Deicide
I'm now full time with Deicide and full time with Order Of Ennead so that will keep me busy!!

Well we're just practising to record the album right now; the
music's written and the lyrics are written so we're waiting to get in the
We're gonna use Audio Hammer again with Mark Lewis and i'm really excited about the new material.

We're all hoping we get over to the UK this time on tour, we've nearly made
it so many times - we've gotta get there soon!"

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