Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update! White Wizzard in the studio.29-10-09

John Leon, bass guitarist tells us that him and the boys from White Wizzard have been holed up in the studio of late grafting over the new material.

John "we been in the studio all this week recording bonus tracks. We got a cover of the Judas Priest track 'Heading out to the highway'. Wyatt's vocals sound fucking amazing . Also we got a cover of this obscure British underground band called Clovenhoof. The song is called 'The gates of gehenna'. It's a fucking badass song and we are nailing it!"

Pray tell John, who's the first to chuck out of you White Wizzard lot?

"No one has yet actually...we're all pretty hardcore. Hey that can be a project for when we come over to the U.K!"

Oh It's fucking on my friend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A catch up with SSS. 28-10-09.

Dave, the drummer from SSS on what's ahead for them this Winter: "Our U.S tour which we were playing support on fell through, which is a shame. The band we were supporting split up. On the upside, because of that we have had more time to spend on writing and have about 30 songs put together, been working really hard on the third album, look forward to playing the new stuff live."

Who's the first to chuck eh?

Dave: "Erm .... Marco, he's got weak guts! Ha!"

The Boy Will Drown update! 28-10-09.

Guitarist, Liam takes 5 out to have a natter and let us know what the score is in The Boy Will Drown's camp.

"We got some dates over in Europe coming up real soon, we're dead excited. Just can't wait to get out there! It's a short mini tour, only a few countries, a handful of dates. Germany is going to be great, very excited about that! Seriously, cannot wait."

Right, 'fess up time, who is the first to chunder out of you lot?

"Ahaha Ed. Ed, definately Ed. He's the only one, we're all a bunch of old men, don't really party hard after the shows, 'cept Ed, he's the one who gets wasted and chucks up!"

Ignominious Incarceration talk about what's in store this winter. 28-10-09.

Ignominious Incarceration gives us an update on what the have in store for us in the coming months.

Andy ( Vocals) "We have very nearly completed booking up our tour for December, which we are all really excited about. Can't wait till we can get out there and play some of the new stuff we have written!"

And when on tour, or playing gigs, who is the first to chuck? 'Cause there's always one!

"Chris! He loves puking...he drinks milk just so he can vom' it back up again! There's video's of him doing it on the net somewhere!"

Nice. Bring on December!