Thursday, July 23, 2009

White Wizzard - Thursday 23rd July '09

Jon Leon:
"We're preparing for the studio we're in final rehearsals, honing the songs as best we can so we can hit the songs live as opposed to it being done in pieces - we go into the studio Aug 4th - 11th then going back in September 7th - 17th - that way Wyatt doesn't kill his voice by doing it all in one go.
In the middle of that time it looks like we're going out to NYC with Anvil around August 28th - watch this space
Here in L.A. I've been driving in the sun its like 100degrees here - we enjoyed having Kerrang here last week - we're stoked with the piece this week in the magazine, i've known about Kerrang for a long time but its hard to get on the West coast of the USA, so we're behind over here but they're definately a force to be reckoned with!
Today I'm going to try out bass wireless systems cause i'm tired of being tied down on stage - i want to find one where i can still have my sound but get more wild on stage"

Wyatt "Screamin' demon" Anderson:
"Polishing up some songs for the new album, partying with some friends, waking up with blinding hangovers, you know, the usual stuff! Looking forward to completing the new album and hitting the road!"

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