Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ignominious Incarceration - Thursday July 23rd

Sam Bailey
"We are at a service station eating expensive food and smoking. We're on our way to Nottingham playing Rock city today with Bleed from within and The boy will drown on the Masters of metal tour.

We all stayed at this girl's house 2 days ago - 4 bands - and absolutely trashed it - plus drivers. She was like "my parent's are going away do you want to come round" and it was mental - we filmed it too - we did beer bongs the lot -
The next morning - she kicked out our driver cause he was smashing stuff - she wasn't very happy -
I think it was the first time she'd had bands come to stay - 20 boys in bands

We're at the Underworld soon, that's gonna be cool, Birmingham - we're just gonna get more drunk i think - hopefully i won't smash my head up again

We're in danger all the time...

Oh no! i just broke a seat in the van... i better go"

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