Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gama Bomb update - Thursday 23rd July

"This week we've been mostly sorting out the merch for the new album - all the new merch concepts - I've been drawing picture of ninjas and scarecrows all week.
and we're choosing an artist for the album cover - we haven't committed to anybody yet
we came up for the idea for the album cover at Tuska and we're excited about it.
We're polishing up new sets of lyrics - wrote some new lyrics this week that are bit more verbose and literary than normal
I've been listening to a lot of rap - a lot of DJ Format
We're Excited about recording the new album - we're trying to work out how much we can spend on booze everyweek - that's a big preoccupation at the moment and
the nice lady has asked us not to smoke in the house at the studio too, so we've been wondering alot about that too"

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