Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cauldron - Thursday 23rd July

Jason Decay:

"I'm sitting here sorting through my records to see what i can sell as I'm broke! I'm still working but cause I'm taking a lot of time off for touring I'm not doing so many shifts.
I have Lita Ford, Wishbone Ash, Twisted Sister all on their way out with Hanoi Rocks trying to make me a few extra bucks.
Chris Rites has left Cauldron the other week as he's got too many commitments with Crystal Castles right now - he offered to do shows here and there including the Wolf European tour in October but we found a new drummer right away so he'll be with us from now on.
He's 18 he's just finished high school, he's really good.
We wanted him to try out last year but he hadn't finished school then. He had a band called Aggressor, he's from Ottawa, he still lives with his mum so he doesn't have to pay rent, he's free to tour any time. He's a long hair and his name is Chris - so we swapped a Chris for a Chris.
So our next show is August 13th here in Toronto and he'll be playing with us.

We have a US tour that starts in less than a month with Enforcer - all the confirmed dates are on the myspace - we start with 4 Canadian dates Aug 13th - then straight over to the USA. Really looking forward to it - and looking forward to being back in the UK with Wolf in October. Wolf and Cauldron is a fucking lethal cocktail.

Its metal karaoke tonight for my birthday, so i'm gonna go get a beer..."

Happy Birthday Jason!!

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