Thursday, July 23, 2009

SSS - Thursday 23rd July 09

"Writing stuff - demoing new songs - i've been to loads of zoos - Chester, Bristol, Paignton, Newquay, Lancaster - Zoo's are the new new.
To be honest everyone's enjoying the summer, I've been going away camping
Pete - i've no idea what Pete's doing
Dave's been with his family
and we've all been tailoring and refining these songs
We're planning cigarette type songs - little hit then on to the next one - fast and short and mega-hard - even less fucking about on this one than the last one
I know people say it then weak as water but there's no arsing around with this!
Next playing... don't know - sorting out America we hope - this week or next week
We're hibernating at the moment as far as gigs concerned
Getting too caught up with life and just excited about the new material"

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