Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Boy Will Drown update! 28-10-09.

Guitarist, Liam takes 5 out to have a natter and let us know what the score is in The Boy Will Drown's camp.

"We got some dates over in Europe coming up real soon, we're dead excited. Just can't wait to get out there! It's a short mini tour, only a few countries, a handful of dates. Germany is going to be great, very excited about that! Seriously, cannot wait."

Right, 'fess up time, who is the first to chunder out of you lot?

"Ahaha Ed. Ed, definately Ed. He's the only one, we're all a bunch of old men, don't really party hard after the shows, 'cept Ed, he's the one who gets wasted and chucks up!"

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