Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bonded By Blood. 26 August 2009.

So i just got off the phone with Jose, singer from Bonded By Blood to get the low down on what's afoot in their part of the world.

"Rubin, our bassist had to leave the band, he had some family stuff come up and we all agreed that that had to come first. It's really sad, we are like brothers and miss him loads but he made the right decision. The new guy, Jerry is actually a guy we have known for years. He was in another local band and we used to hang out all the time. Rubin taught him the songs, which he picked up real quick. We all get on with him so it made sense he should join, plus he's a big sex machine!

So now we are writing loads of new songs with plans to hit the studio to record a demo in a couple of weeks for the second album. The stuff is a bit heavier, still fast, I really like it, your ears will have orgasms."

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